Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Everyday living with easy wear active sets

Here at Monterey Bay, we offer a variety of active sets for women who want appealing comfort made to wear for on-the-go occasions or a relaxing day at home. The versatility comes with our classic styling yet up to date designs that include capri options as well as coordinated pulled together looks.

For the warm weather ahead, we recommend A Day At Sea Active Set. This charming two piece is of 100% cotton interlock, 3/4 sleeves, and contrast navy/white color. With silvertone buttons on the shoulder and contrast stitching, this is sure to become an everyday favorite to wear on those warm summer days at the beach or on a shopping excursion in town.

A Monterey Bay favorite and Bay Value, All-Day Active Set features stretch french terry that will not only feel soft to the touch, but give comfort all day long as you lounge. The contrast banding on the sleeves and legs offer a stylish touch to a simple yet classic look.

Stay tuned for more exclusive styles from the bay. . .to compliment your life and enhance your style. It's a great day at the Bay!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Summer's Best

As we all anticipate our newest Monterey Bay Clothing Company catalog in our mailboxes this week, let me give you some of my favorite pieces from this "best of summer" book.

When I think "summer", I have visions of Fourth of July on the beach or Memorial Day picnics at the park. I also love to display patriotic colors in my wardrobe not only on these holidays, but in my everyday wardrobe as well. Sail Away Sweater, M246883 is one of my favorites for a comfy pullover. This nautical knit comes in a rich navy color with hints of red and white on the neckline and the sleeves, not to mention the one white star on each sleeve for just the right touch! Pair this with our Tencel® / Cotton Bermuda Short, M326351 and you can't go wrong, it comes in either red, white or denim colors (I love the white!). Underneath, you can have your everyday wear Creative Options Tank, M164303 in either red, white, or navy.

The red, white and navy colors are classic summer hues that not only compliment that great tan your acquiring this summer, but they also look great with each other in almost any combination of the three.

So hopefully you'll find yourself on the beach this summer or at a park picnic wearing these summer wardrobe "must haves" and as I always say. . .It's a great day at the bay!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Layering pieces-An essential for Summer

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to mix and match various pieces of your wardrobe. With warm days and cooler nights, layering gives one the chance to vary their look throughout the day.

The first layer of your look should begin with an essential piece that will also serve the purpose of being exposed throughout the warmer part of the day, such as, a camisole or sleeveless top. Check out Monterey Bay's New Confidence Camisole Bra, M164319, now on sale for only $27.99 or the bay's Creative Options Tank, M164303, with certain colors on sale now at $24.99. These core items will add a base to your put-together look.

Next you will want to layer either a cardigan, pull over or nice novelty jacket over your top. Check out Monterey Bay's My Beautiful Cardigan, M243233, its 3/4 sleeves and front crocheted embelishment will add style and feminine details to your look.

A lightweight jacket will also be an option for you so that you stay comfortable during the warmer part of the day, but also keep that warmth as the cool night air breezes in during the evenings. Try Elegant In Eyelet Jacket, M315030 to accomplish this look. It's mandarin collar and v-neck layers nicely over any top you have underneath and the eyelet feature will add color from underneath to the crisp white contrast of the jacket.

Accessorize with a stone necklace, like Monterey Bay's Turquoise Serenade, M423867 to add emphasis to the neckline.

Again, the great thing about layering is that you can add on as much as you like, take off and put back on as you go through your day in the summer heat into the cool night.

As we say here at Montery Bay Clothing Company. . . it's a great day at the bay!